Today's body decoration has been taken to another level, and we are pleased to offer a full range of Quality, Precise piercings and just about any kind of tattoo.

The piercing and tattooing procedure may increase the risk of contracting a number of serious blood-bourne diseases. Skin and mucous membranes protect us from many infections and unless the needle is new, the tools are sterile and used by clean gloved hands, then you are at risk of contamination from blood / body fluids of another person.

Minimize such risks by carefully choosing WHERE you obtain your piercing or tattoo, and always choose a properly trained professional with experience. Be sure that your chosen studio follows Infection Control Guidelines in accordance with Environmental Health Registration.

At Skin-n-ink we offer a service second to none and are always striving for perfection, and thats why our reputation surpasses all others. WE AIM TO KEEP IT THAT WAY!

Sue is the founder of The Welsh Professional Piercing Association.

We are Members of the European Association of Professional Piercers.

Please note we are not linked to any other tattoo / piercing company or business

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